Anonymous asked:
do you smoke/drink?

I drink on very rare occasions, but I never get drunk (and I never have). I do not smoke.

I’ve been playing this game for hours and it just keeps pulling on my heart.

Anonymous asked:
thank you, i appreciate the help. it's just no matter what i do, he's always somehow there. and it sucks because i have been trying to get over him, and just when i finally think i am, boom. he's like poison. completely toxic, but i don't know how to make him stop. i want this to be over but everything i try seems to be useless.

Just try your best to keep him shut out. Focus on things that make you happy! It will help better you in the long run :)


The devil in my bloodstream.

atla + roygbv

Anonymous asked:
i need some advice if it's not too much of a bother! my ex and i keep running in circles of i love you and i fucking hate your guts, and like i couldn't handle it anymore so i deleted my social media to just avoid him completely. but recently i just made a new twitter, and he followed me on it and keeps making tweets directed at me. i'm tired of doing the same shit over and over again, what should i do?

If he is just going to continue attacking you like that, I would suggest completely blocking him. It sounds like this person is very unhealthy for you. You should try your best to not surround yourself with people like this whom are toxic. I hope this helped. I’m here if you need to talk.

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Anonymous asked:
do you have/want any tattoos/piercings? just curious...

I don’t have any currently. But hopefully I’ll have one on my upper arm before the end of the summer.

15 minutes in and i’m already tearing up.

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